seeing buffalo









Why is it that we are all so fascinated by the buffalo?  I know that I am.  As a child when we spent a vacation there I remember driving through Yellowstone, me and my siblings in the back of our station wagon, our heads out the windows checking out the buffalo.  I think I've been fascinated ever since. 

Continuing on with our Trip West 2014.


a couple of old barns

Tobacco barn


These both were taken on this past fathers day.  On our way back from brunch we took a round about way home. 

I still love taking photos of barns tho I don't post them as much.  There's one thing we've noticed, around here at least, it's that if an old barn has a nice solid roof on it, the barn walls are almost 99% in great shape.  Whether the roof is new like in the first photo or rusty like in the second one.

I'm linking today with Tom The Backroads Traveller for The Barn Collective.


yellowstone 2014

The first two photos were taken through our front windshield which by this time was pretty dirty.  You are seeing these photos how we saw it, through bug splattered windows and all, and these photos are mostly drive-by shots :)


The entrance

Snow capped mountains



Fallen trees

Two buffalo

I'm not going to overload the photos as I have LOTS more.

So stay tuned.