Six days on the Road
How Do You Rate as a 1930's Wife or Husband?

Did you ever wonder why they're called The Smoky Mountains?

I found out why.

Smokey mountains

Beautiful aren't they?  Another HIGHLIGHT of our trip.

The smokey mountains

Driving the mountains at dusk.


The winding roads of the Smoky Mountains can be a bit of a nail biter.  Especially when they have runaway truck ramps that go up the mountain like this one.

Runaway truck ramp

Or when trucks have to slow down to 35 mph, you keep both hands on that wheel.

Truck ramp #1

Ramp 1

This pass down this mountain was a bit scary.  It had 3 runaway truck ramps.  I made sure to stay out of the truck lane.

I love these mountains.  I know they aren't as big and massive as the ones we have seen out West.  I can't describe it.  I think they call my name.

You can't go over them, you can't go under them, you can't go around them, so you have to go through them.


Tunnel in mountain  

One last peek at those mountains.


I couldn't wait for this trip.  I knew that I would see these mountains.  I can't explain the magic these mountains have.  I just know some day I will stay a bit longer and visit them, instead of just pass through.

Off I go to start my day.

You all have a wonderful day.