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Happy Birthday Carri

Show & Tell Friday


Today is Friday and Show & Tell time over at Kelli's blog. 

I have so many things that I could show you for Show & Tell, that it is hard to decide what might interest you.  Mostly I do Antiques that I have acquired through the years, or items that have been made by someone.  Items that have meaning to them.  Especially sentimental meanings.

The other day my kids asked me why I had so many Salt and Pepper shakers, and was I collecting them.  No I wasn't collecting them, and I didn't realize that I had enough of them to call it a collection. 

So my Show & Tell today is my "collection" of Salt and Pepper shakers.  I really don't have that many.  Some are old and some are new.  Some are little and some are big.


This little lamb is lost.  Her mate is gone, broken to pieces when it fell out of my China Cabinet by accident.  It's old and I just can't seem to part with it.  Maybe someday I will find another match to it.  This Lamb is also a part of a Salt and Pepper set.


Since I am showing things from my kitchen.  I thought I would show you a couple of other items that we use all the time.

This bell we got many years ago when our children were still small.  It was put up after we put in the brick for the wood stove.

This is our dinner bell.  I got tired of yelling up the stairs to the kids that dinner was ready.  So we got this bell.  It only gets rung when it's time for them to come to dinner.  It has only really been rung once when it wasn't dinner, because I wanted them all front and center.  They all came a running thinking it was time to eat.  You should have seen the looks on their faces when it wasn't time to eat and they were going to be put to work doing chores.  I haven't done that again, only because I didn't want them to start ignoring the bell at dinner time.  Mostly though this is only rung for dinner, and is still being rung today.


This cat is old.  This is a match holder to hold matches for lighting fires in the old stoves that people had in their kitchens.  I believe this was my grandmothers.  It is empty right now, but it is usually filled with matches to light our wood stove and Birthday candles.

I hope you enjoyed my Show & Tell today.  Thank you for stopping by.