ABC Wednesday
King of the Hill

It's Thursday already

Man do the weeks go by fast.  Seems like it was just Monday.  I am going to do a bit of Chit Chatting here. 

My HUGE project is starting off great.  I got in touch with a gal who lives just a stones throw away from me and she is setting me up with a few items to get me going on this Scrapping thing.  Thank you Maddy for the suggestion on the Powersort Box.  I have one now and it's WONDERFUL!!!! 

Sharyn suggested this book to me "Get It Scrapped".  Which she is in BTW.  If you haven't seen it yet you just have to check it out.  The Borders in my area had only one come in but it was sold. :(  So Amazon here I come and it came within a few days.  I love Amazon.

eta: Thanks Sharyn!!!!!


This is a super book if you are starting out.  I have everything ready now I just need to start.  Wish me luck, cause I need all the luck I can get.


I wish this was my plant.  Mine does NOT look like this.  This is in my sister Donna's yard.  She doesn't even do anything with them, or look at them, or even pick them.  All her flowers were there before she moved in.  I wonder if she would notice if I just went and dug them up?


Oh....Hi Donna.

Yesterday was not a good day.  Woke up with a headache and messed something up big time with Quick books.  I should never do computer work with a massive headache.  Elaine had to come and bail me out.  Though that took both of us pecking through it.  Thanks Elaine.

Perimenopause described in one word...STINKS!   Whew!!!!! I got that off my chest and now I feel much better.

Today is going to be a good day I just know it.  I have my morning all planned out, and lunch will be at the hospital where I used to work.  I am meeting a former co-worker who is actually retired but works per diem now.  That'll be fun to catch up on her life.

Well if I want to make it to lunch on time I have to get motoring.

You all have a great day today.