ABC Wednesday
Things that are happening in my neck of the woods!

Just some more Chit-Chat


Since I have gotten my camera I have really been noticing more things lately.  Seems like everything just jumps out at me and catches my eye.  I can't really say that I've ever really looked at the sky as much as I do now, or anything else for that matter.

Yesterday started out good but turned sour in a hurry.

Last night I was beaten, bit, jumped on and dragged around.  What happened do you ask? 

We went to our LAST puppy class.  It actually wasn't the last one but it was for her.  Sadie is really a good dog, but last night she was not the same dog.  I finally figured it out.  We never, ever, have her on a leash, only when we are walking in the neighborhood, and down by the river she is mostly off leash and is put on leash when someone comes by.  Plus we never take her to places like PetSmart or PETCO where you can bring your dogs, and I don't think I ever will.  I had a psycho dog last night.  So next week would be her graduation but we're not going.  I know she can do everything but getting her in an environment where there is so much going on, where there are other dogs, dog food etc. on shelves, people walking around wanting to pet her and to top it off she can't run free.  It's simply not good for her.  I know her limits just like I knew when and where I could go with my children when they were small.  So we'll stick to our walks along the river.

When I look at that picture of the sky I know Sadie is much like her owners.  We who love the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature, and definitely we won't be going into some building where some people think animals should go.

With that I will let you go.  You all have a great day.