ABC Wednesday~X-Rated
The last of our Trip

Doing some ReModeling

For years I have wanted a patio door in my kitchen that leads out to a deck.  Well it's finally happening.  We ordered the door the week before we went on vacation.  Jim has been looking over patio/deck books so he can get some ideas as to what kind of deck would look good in our yard and something that the grandkids can easily maneuver around on without falling off and getting hurt.  We also want to put in some trellis's and arbor's around the yard. 

In Bayfield I spied this one in a back alley of two shops.


It also has a bench built in.  Being that all of Jim's clients own Steel Shops and he can weld himself.  I'm thinking one like this in the yard would be possible.

Trellis bench

I can't wait until we can get started.  I have been wanting to make use of our yard more especially now that our family is getting so much bigger.  It will change the look of our kitchen inside as I will definitely have to get rid of some things and move things around.

Now it's just waiting for the door to come in.

I can't believe it that our youngest child will be taking Drivers Ed in August.  I can remember when our first one was in Drivers Ed.  I never thought that this day would ever come.  Lots of changes happening. 

1. Lauren in Drivers Ed.

2. Phil is getting married.

3. Jake will be home back in the U.S.A. in 14 days.

4. Jake will be out of the Army in about 6 months. (This will be a big change for us as we have been a Military family since June 14, 2002.) 

5. We will have only 1 child in school since our oldest was in Kindergarten way back when.

6. Maybe only 2 kids living at home by the end of summer instead of 3.

7. We are putting in a patio door and deck.

8. The biggest change of all...after driving over the years, 3 Station Wagons, 2 Full size Vans, 1 15 Passenger Van, 1 Suburban and a couple of mid sized vehicles, and mind you some of these you wondered if they could even run much less drive down the road.  We are looking into getting a Mini-Van.  Something I never in my wildest dreams ever thought of driving. 

I guess that's how life is supposed to be.  Lots of changes going on.

You all have a wonderful evening.